Aces Aviation (30): Eduard Schallmoser lands in a garden

The German Eduard Schallmoser makes a parachute jump after hitting his fighter Me-262 against an American bomber B-26

He 20 April 1945, the Bavarian town of Memmingen had become the target of a bombing operation by American aircraft Martin B-26 Marauder. Late in the morning, the bombs dropped on the old town leaving a balance 300 dead and 635 Destroyed buildings (among which the Church of Our Lady of Memmingen, a historic building dating from the thirteenth century). As it is aware of this attack, is notified to JV44 (the famous fighter squadron me262) to go out to intercept the allies devices. One of these fighters is the “White 11”, piloted by Sergeant Eduard Schallmoser. After locating the enemy formation, Schallmoser achieved position behind the B-26 piloted by Lt. James M. Hansen, but by pressing the trigger of his gun Mk108, it does not fire. It was not the first time this happened, alreadyl like 4 of April, He looked down to see that I had not put insurance. To raise it again, realized he was about to collide against B-26 and even turned quickly to prevent shock, He could not avoid touching the blades of the right propeller of his opponent.

Eduard Schallmoser with his mother in the family garden

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While motor B-26 was severely damaged, Hansen could be done with the controls and return to base, while Schallmoser withdrew amid a cloud of parts, and as one of the gunners B-26 having lost part of the right wing. With these serious damage was impossible to control the device, so he decided to skydive. Chance or fate would have Schallmoser landed in the garden of his mother's house located in Lenzfried im Allgau, suffering a blow to his knee. Nothing else fall, He limped into the house, where his mother prepared a plate of pancakes. Schallmoser was admitted to the hospital until 25 April and then returned to rejoin the service.

Text fonts: “Jagdverband 44: Squadron of Experten”, Robert Forsyth, Osprey Publishing 2008,,

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